About Photorealism

About Photorealism

Photorealism is a genre of art in which a painting is so skillfully done that from ten or twenty feet away, the viewer assumes that they are seeing a photograph.

Only when one stands a few inches from the artwork does one realize that it is a painting, not a photograph.

There’s something about photorealism.  You walk into a room and see a Nathan Walsh street scene or Jim Jackson’s matchbooks and you say, “Beautiful photo”.  But as you get closer to the piece, you realize that it’s actually an oil painting and you exclaim “Holy moly:  I cannot believe it.  Look at the shadows.  Look at the exhaust coming out of the car.  Look at the depth of field.  It’s absolutely amazing”.

Everyone has a story about the first time they approached a Duane Hanson security guard at Van de Weghe and asked him where the rest rooms are.  It’s an experience one never forgets.

One never tires of having these in one’s home.  These pieces provide enjoyment for years.

The term “Photorealism” was coined by Louis K. Meisel in the 1970s.  To this day, Meisel Gallery in Manhattan, along with its sister gallery, Bernarducci Meisel, is the world’s focal point of the great photorealists.  Other seminal photorealist galleries include Plus One Gallery in London and Jonathan Novak Gallery in Los Angeles.

Pedro Campos 2
This is not a photo. It is an oil painting by Pedro Campos.

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