Tjalf Sparnaay

The oil paintings of Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay are based on everyday objects. He subjects are items such as a breakfast, a crushed coca-cola can, a fried egg, a half eaten sandwich, cheeseburgers and desserts, a bag of chips with mayonnaise, a Dutch raw herring with a little flag, and a bunch of tulips still wrapped in cellophane. His paintings refer to the tradition of Dutch 17th century still-life, but are expanded to megaproportions using photorealistic techniques.
Sparnaay takes these items out of the context of their day to day surroundings, enlarging them so the viewer sees their tiniest details. His intention is to give the objects a heart
“I hope my paintings will allow the viewer to re-experience reality, to re-discover the essence of the thing that has become so ordinary from its DNA to the level of universal structure, in all its beauty. I call it the beauty of the contemporary commonplace.”

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