Art Center Gallery, Westminster (Orange County), CA

From Yelp Feb 22, 2015: “Art Center Gallery wins another 5 stars from this Yelper. Ive been coming here for years….and I love it. They have one of the biggest selections of Fabio Napoleoni at this gallery.
The gallery had another art show featuring Fabio Napoleoni on 02/20. Fabio was there in person signing art. Food,,drinks,,,music,,,,tattooing, and Fabio Napoleoni. It doesn’t get better than that.

Todd,,,the owner of the gallery,,,,did a great job getting the gallery ready for the show!!! Dave,,,my very favorite employee at Art Center Gallery,,,,has taken such good care of my husband and I throughout this last year.
I cant give this gallery a high enough rating!! This is NOT a snooty,,,uptight,,,boring old gallery. This is a very hip, very fun gallery. Its casual,,and Dave and Todd will make you feel right at home when you are visiting. They carry many outstanding artists. You can find art in this gallery for just about anybody…..they have such a large selection. Come check the gallery out,,,,,,you might find the perfect piece of art for your home!!!!”

From Yelp Nov. 10, 2014: “I can’t believe I’m JUST writing a review for this gallery. My hubby and I have been coming to this gallery for years. Its an incredible art gallery tucked inside of Westminster Mall.
As I said, we have been coming here for years, but last year, we took a stroll through the gallery, and I instantly fell in love with an artist named: Fabio Napoleoni. My addiction was instant,,,,,and my love of the art was very real. So, we bought our first Fabio from Dave at Art Center Gallery. Everybody that works at Art Center Gallery is amazing, but my husband and I just adore Dave. He is very kind, and extremely knowledgable about the Art in the gallery.
In the past year, our art collection has grown and we adore each piece, dearly. I will say this, to anybody who is a fan of Fabio Napoleoni: Art Center Gallery has one of the largest collections of Fabio. Go check out ALL the incredible artist that are displayed at the gallery. A lot of the artist have shows there as well. THATS a great time. So much fun. They can tattoo in this gallery as well,,,,,so for example, during a Fabio show last year, Rick Walters (who is an amazing, old-school tattoo artist) was there tattooing. Skinderella is another artist whose work is displayed in the gallery, and she is a tattoo artist as well. So she too, has tattooed in the gallery. They have a little tattoo room in the back of the gallery. Seriously great place!!!
Next time you are in Westminster Mall,,,,or if you are looking for something to do one day, go to Art Center Gallery. You can spend a nice chunk of time looking over all the art. You will probably get to meet Dave. He is wonderful. If you are looking for something in particular, they will help you. Just an incredible little gallery.
You can be added to their “email list”, and they will email you when special events and shows come up.
Check out Art Center Gallery, and make sure to say HI to Dave!!!”