Sunflower Framing London England

Duncan McDonald’s Sunflower Framing is one of the two epicenters of photorealism in the UK (the other being Plus One Gallery). Located at London’s End in Beaconsfield, seeing some of the greats in photorealism makes it worth the trip to this gallery.

Features Doug Bloodworth, Mark Schiff, Jim Jackson, Simon Miss, Rich Conley, Ralph Stearns, Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Robert Bechtle, Charles Bell, Tom Blackwell, Chuck Close, Robert Cottingham, Don Eddy, Audrey Flack, Ron Kleeman, Richard McLean, John Salt and Ben Schonzeit. More recent photorealist influences include Pedro Campos, Roberto Bernardi, Simon Hennessey, Tom Martin, Steve Mills and Cynthia Poole.